The USC/ISI root name server operations team has been working to improve our DNS service, and we have been working with the other root server operators and the ICANN Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) to expand the amount of information available about root server operation: our goal has been not only to provide an excellent service, but also to document openly the commitments and activities that the service is based on.

One key document in guiding the USC/ISI team’s commitments is RSSAC Advisory publication 001 (``Service Expectations of Root Servers,’’ It provides a list of expectations that root server operators have committed to meeting as they build a secure, reliable root DNS service.

Today the USC/ISI team has posted a document that reviews the requirements in RSSAC001 and the current state of compliance with those requirements by USC/ISI root server operations. We’re publishing this statement in the interests of transparency about root name server operations.

You can see the post, with links to other information about the USC/ISI root name server operation, at