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USC Statement of Intent on DNS Data Sharing

22 December 2010

Ongoing smooth operation of the DNS root zone is critical for Internet operation. Deeper analysis of DNS query and response attributes will promote; academic research, enhanced understanding of name service evolution, and support critical ongoing operations of the DNS system. In support of this effort, USC/ISI collects the public queries made to its authoritative DNS nameservers and the public responses made to those queries. To the best of our knowledge, these queries and responses have no personal data elements. Researchers are prohibited from mining B-Root data to extract Personal Identifying Information (PII).

Data to be shared is owned by USC. It consists of public root zone query and response data. USC is willing to share this data on a non-discriminatory basis to the community. Some criteria for access to this data are:

For additional information, please contact: b-poc@isi.edu. Please submit requests for data access through the IMPACT Cyber Trust program.

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